Tale Of Two Cities Literary Analysis Essay

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A Tale of Two Cities
Charles Dickens is regarded as one of the most popular and prolific writers of his era. He is considered a literary genius by many people and his novels and short stories prove that claim. He has created some of the most known characters in fictional writing. He had a very big influence over the Victorian society and was one of the first authors to write primarily about the lower classes. He gives readers a unique insight on the Victorian Age. He manages to capture the emotion and feeling of all his characters and turn them into a realistic viewing; Dickens characters lived in exact detail, which is a primary reason why his characters were so memorable. He used his stories so that he could stress things that needed to be changed in his society. His novels were made
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A Tale of Two Cities” is one of his more famous and well known pieces of work. The novel really does an excellent job at portraying the time period of the French revolution. Charles Dickens uses so much literary devices to give readers a fictional account of the time period.

The story starts off with a man name Mr. Lorry traveling to Dover to meet a girl named Lucie; he then informs Lorry that her father Dr. Manette who was captured and imprisoned in the Bastille was still alive. Monsieur Defarge who is a former servant of Dr. Manette owns a wine shop which would be the center of some revolution practices. Charles Darnay is a member of the Evremonde family so he is put on trial on accusations of being a spy. In France the aristocracy usually denounces the poor, Marquis Evermonde runs over a child with his carriage and is murdered in his sleep that same night. Defarge
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