Taking a Look at the Harlem Renaissance

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The Harlem Renaissance was named after the anthology The New Negro, edited by Alain Locke in 1925. Centered in the Harlem neighborhood of New York City, the movement impacted urban centers throughout the United States. Across the cultural spectrum (literature, drama, music, visual art, dance) and also in the realm of social thought (sociology, historiography, philosophy), artists and intellectuals found new ways to explore the historical experiences of black America and the contemporary experiences of black life in the urban North.(Nathan Irvin Huggins, Voices From the Harlem Renaissance) Challenging white paternalism and racism, African-American artists and intellectuals rejected merely imitating the styles of Europeans and white Americans and instead celebrated black dignity and creativity. Asserting their freedom to express themselves on their own terms as artists and intellectuals, they explored their identities as black Americans, celebrating the black culture that had emerged out of slavery and their cultural relates to Africa. In another way, Harlem renaissance also can be seen as an acceptance of white people to the Black culture. It influences today’s relationship between colored people and white people. The purpose of this paper is talking about the effects of white people during Harlem Renaissance. I will talk about white people’s responses to the black neighbors when more and more of black started moving to the “white society” and the white positive and negative responses to the Harlem Renaissance’s rhythms, speech patterns, and themes; and in addition, I will talk about the black writers’ literary relationships with white writers and producers.

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...he society which were influenced by. The audience of Harlem Renaissance were not only black people for self cognition, but also were white for the challenging acceptance and respect to black. In conclusion, the responses and the influence of white society had the impact to the Harlem Renaissance. At the beginning of the movement of black’s migration to Harlem, was not welcomed by hostile white neighbors. Later, the major audience of the Harlem’s night-club became white, however, there were still negative responses from white people to jazz music as disaffirm the jazz as distingue music like other European music. In addition, the connection between white and black litterateurs helped many black writers to publish their works. Most significant example is Langston Hughes’s relationship withVan Vechten from where Hughes got support to publish his first volume of poems.

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