Taking a Look at X-Rays

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When people take a look at how far technology has come since the Civil War, a lot has changed. Some of the things in the past were limited based of what they had, meaning that the problems they faced were due to the lack of technological assistance and resources. Technology is one of the many changes to our society, not only because people just create things, but because of the science and research put into these advances. From these advances, the technology created found a way to help the problems faced in a number of areas. One of these technological advances was the X-ray. What was society like before the discovery of the X-ray? The only way that a human body could be examined was through the use of touch/probing, physical examination, and the doctors’ best guess. Doctors were limited to physical examinations such as endoscopy, which is the process of surgically opening the body. The downside to the use of an endoscope was that the patient would have to be critically ill because the early probing caused a lot of damage to the body. Until a small light bulb was produced in the 1908’s for a hysteroscopy (viewing the uterus) endoscopy was a blind science. As far as probing goes, the doctors could only diagnose based off a guess of what the problem might be. Other attempts were the use of sound waves through the body and electrical induction. One famous attempt at electrical induction was Alexander Graham Bell who attempted to find the bullet in President James Garfield head after an assignation attempt. Using a new form of non-surgical medical imaging, Graham attempted to find the bullet but failed largely due to the metallic bed the president was lying on (he was a big man and no one wanted to move him). Before the invention of... ... middle of paper ... ...ke sure. In summary, X-rays have contributed a lot to saving the lives of human beings. X-rays have been used prior to surgery and in conjunction with physical exams. X-rays have been used to test metal welds both to make sure the weld is good or when accidents happen to see if there are breaks in the welding. X-ray technology is a way to see into the body or objects without tearing it, opening it up, or tearing it apart. X-ray technology like other computer technology is undergoing smaller but cheaper changes as silicon chips begin to do the work of open ended and closed x-ray tube technology. It was slightly an accident that Wilhelm Rontgen discovered x-rays can be imprinted on a film through certain materials. However, the world is glad he was looking for a new way of viewing the body. New technology is the product of people working hard and a little good favor.

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