Taking a Look at Plastic Surgery

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Most people in today’s world have or will receive some sort of cosmetic surgery. Okay, so you are thinking so what? Well, believe it or not, there are a bunch of adults out in the world who want to ban certain cosmetic procedures. Critics say it tarnishes the way young teens view themselves as people and makes them want to alter their body to conform to what is “beautiful” in social media. This has got to be put to rest; adults should be able to make changes to their body where they see fit. Discrimination against people who want, get, or have plastic surgery done to them is senseless.
Plastic surgery dates back to 800 B.C. (ASPS). There have been reports of Ancient Hindu author Sushruta wrote his own encyclopedia about how to do the reconstruction of a nose. (Plastic, Nov. 26, 2004) During World War I surgeons had to learn how to do all sorts of reconstructive surgery on the veterans in order to fix an amputated leg or a cleft chin (ASPS). Plastic surgery has come a long ways since 800 B.C. The overall death toll when having a plastic surgery done has gone down in huge numbers. The accuracy of how the procedure looks after it has been completed is extraordinary, compared to twenty years ago when it was more of a get it done and hope it looks good type of situation. A very useful way plastic surgery has come into play in the most recent decade is breast augmentation after having breast cancer. Women who have lost the breasts to breast cancer do not have as much confidence due to the fact that they lack their breasts. So in order to fix this issue within women, most women will get a breast augmentation and they gain back that confidence by one procedure. Plastic surgery has become more accepted into today’s society, especially in ...

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...n ongoing topic that needs to stop.

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