Taking a Look at Medical Anthropology

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Medical anthropology addresses the symbolic, narrative, and ethical dimension of healing, medicine and medical technology in many different ways. One way they address these dimensions is by exploring how local and international communities view wellness, illness, disease and healing through different perspectives. Their goal is to examine how communities are able to function individually as well as look for themes within the structure and systems of different communities between various cultures. Anthropologists spend a lot of time exploring and discussing the theme of treatment within various communities. The traditional model to exploring this treatment is to look towards the biomedical system, which “employ different explanatory models and idioms to make sense of disease and give meaning to the individual and social experience of illness” (Kleinman 1973: 86), and often leaves out the social, economical and cultural factors that influence the concept of treatment.
The concept of treatment is different within each and every culture. Some cultures view treatment as praying over an...