Taking a Look at Capital Punishment

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Violence and crime has been a societal issue since the beginning of humanity. There are many methods in which authorities try to deter criminals from acting on impulse. Among the most serious methods of deterrent is the death penalty. The death penalty is sentenced when a heinous crime is committed including, but not restricted to murder, rape, and treason. Capital punishment is one of the most controversial forms of sanction in the United States. The death penalty is legal in 32 states, including California and is outlawed in 18. This subject causes contentious debate amongst people because it allows someone to judge whether or not a person is worthy to live, which some believe is something all-together too powerful to decide. However, others believe it is a powerful tool which will reprimand all menacing criminals, and discourage any future criminals from continuing these offenses. Author Mary Kate Cary, writer of “The Conservative Case Against the Death Penalty,” believes that capital punishment is unnecessary and dangerous because innocent people die, it is discriminatory against people from certain ethnic groups, and believes it is cost effective to let a criminal live rather than be sentenced to death, while author of “The Death Penalty Deters Crimes and Saves Lives,” David B. Muhlhausen thinks that the death penalty should be implemented when certain types of crimes are committed because according to him, it deters future crime, it is not discriminatory, and it saves lives. Although authors Muhlhausen and Cary views oppose each other, one being in favor of capital punishment and the other believing it is unnecessary, they both believe in meting out due punishment for vicious offenses.
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...iterated. Therefore, high standing authorities implement strict laws and punishments for law breaking. The most extreme form of punishment known to any society is the capital punishment. When someone is sentenced capital punishment, they are executed for their crimes. Since this deals with the taking of an individual’s life, it obviously causes much controversy. Some people believe it is inhumane to be able to take away somebody’s right to live, and others think some crimes are deserving of execution. Mary Kate Cary, the author of “The Conservative Case Against the Death Penalty,” believes that the death penalty is too much of a dangerous method to reprimand criminals, and David B. Muhlhausen believes that capital punishment is a worthy method to punish some criminals, however both agree that without a doubt, criminals deserve to be penalized for their infringement.
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