Taking a Closer Look at Gene Therapy

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Gene Therapy Genetic disorders have been plaguing people for ages and causing death. As of today in the year 2013 new information and research, and something called gene therapy, hope now exists for these less fortunate individuals. Gene therapy is a technique for correcting defective genes responsible for disease development. Research Scientist realizes it has been around for a while now and is getting more advanced with time. Experiments which is a ongoing process pertaining to gene therapy. Ethical issues are something that has been accompanying the procedure since it has been used. New facts on gene therapy continue to be uncovered as we speak. To start off, an overview of why people need gene therapy should be covered. Human being carries less than a dozen defective genes. People in general remain ignorant to this fact unless we are among the millions of people who have a genetic disorder. Approximately one in ten people has, or will develop some time later in life, an inherited genetic abnormality. And approximately two thousand eight hundred specific conditions are known to be caused by defects in just one of the patient's genes. Single gene disorders are common, example cystic fibrosis. Most people do not suffer harmful effects from our defective genes because we carry two copies of nearly all genes. One is inherited from our mother and the other from our father. The only exceptions to this rule are the genes found on the male sex chromosomes. "Males have one X and one Y chromosome, the former from the mother and the latter from the father. So each cell has only one copy of the genes on these chromosomes. In the majority of cases, one normal gene is enough to avoid all the symptoms of disease. If the gene that may be harm... ... middle of paper ... ...of the body and how it plays a role of behavior pertaining to individuals. It displays how the brain transport information brain and throughout the human body. Social and ethical implications. Based on technology’s impact pertaining to “social, ethical, legal and other systems” was recognized during the early years and the importance of ethics implementing health technologies may have moral consequences, which justifies adding an ethical analysis to a “traditional” assessment of cost and effectiveness. Second, technology also carries values and may challenge prevalent moral principles or rules of society. Personal viewpoint: As stated in my assignment one, the government and private corporations should provide a special funding to all Scientist which is conducting ongoing research for all type of diseases which will provide a knowledge base for all human beings.

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