Taking a Closer Look at Emotional Ingelligence

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According to many people, emotional intelligence (EI) is a very important way in achieving prosperity in their own career more than one’s intelligence. As a human being our success these days mainly depends on our capability in reading other people’s reactions and signals in the right way. Emotional intelligence is the vastness of cognitive skill that includes communal skills and traits that permit interpersonal behavior. Emotional intelligence can be also mentioned as the space for goal-oriented adaptive behavior; it also concentrates on the aspects of intellect that law self-knowledge and communal adaption. There is a study that revealed that in order to achieve the one’s emotional intelligence, the individual should know first the categories, prospects, and benefits of applying it in his daily life. Firstly, researchers have recognized that to achieve your emotional intelligence you should be understanding its categories and prospects. Self awareness is the first step as Daniel Goleman (Emotional Intelligence, September 27, 2005, p.41) mentioned “to cooperate with a team and developing it needs tuning into your real emotions, and if the one assess his own feelings, he can grasp it”. Basically as we understand that emotional intelligence is related to be working in team processes which mainly consist of conflict associations. Inside the cluster lacking team work, everything cannot be completed in the right way as managed , and obviously working in team work should make us at some point be more patient because disparate people have disparate actions and attitudes ,and to avoid all of this conflicts we should be following the steps that the researchers have set for us because we can see that operatives with advanced standard of em... ... middle of paper ... ...human is flexible in his thoughts and believes this will allow him to receive complains and complements from the other side without getting annoyed and angered because when anger appears the emotional intelligence can be easily gone by the wind. In Conclusion, “the one’s emotional intelligence is the level of his ability to read and understand the different types of people, what motivates them and how to work cooperatively with them “said by the influential theorist Howard Gardner (2007). Emotional intelligence is a very valuable thing that according to its right use can affect positively in the human being’s career, and in order to apply it the right way the person should first be able to recognize not only its categories according to variability in findings suggested by the specialists in this topic, but also to know its benefits after achieving it the right way.

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