Taking Responsibility for World War One

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Taking Responsibility for World War One First, to understand who is to blame one has to understand the events, which led to th eruption of the war. On the 28th of June 1914, the Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife, Sophie, were assassinated while visiting military troops in Bosnia. The Serbian terrorist group the Black Hand was responsible for the assassination, because they did not believe that Serbia should be ruled by Austria-Hungary. Austria-Hungary waited three weeks after the assassination of Franz Ferdinand, successor to Franz Josef, before issuing a response to Serbia. So on the 23rd of July 1914, Austria-Hungary gave Serbia an ultimatum demanding that Serbia: -Suppress any and all publications provoking hatred and contempt for the Austro-Hungarian government -Immediately dissolve the society "Narodna Odbrana" (Defense of the People) as well as any other societies and confiscate all it's means of propaganda - Eliminate immediately from public instruction that serves to stimulate the propaganda against Austria-Hungary - Remove officers in the military service guilty of propagating against the Austro-Hungarian monarchy - Accept the collaboration of representatives of the Austro-Hungarian Government for the suppression of the rebellious movement against the territorial integrity of the monarchy - Take judicial proceedings against the co-conspirators of the murder of the 28th of June, who were on Serbian territory; and allow delegates of the Austro-Hungarian government to take part in the investigation - Proceed, without delay, the arrest of Major Voija Tankositch and Milan Ciganovitch; Serbian st... ... middle of paper ... ...ship may have been faulty, it was followed because of propaganda making it seem right, such as yellow journalism which stretched the truth and sensationalized it's stories. Austria-Hungary did want war with Serbia, but it was counting on Russia backing down from Austria's German backing, so that it would win Serbia, and gain revenge for the death of their Archduke. Each country had a part in the events leading up to the war, therefore they are all to blame, since no one country can be given the sole credit for starting the "Great War to end all wars" which lasted four years. The political leaders made unwise decisions as a result of the militarism, nationalism, and ally systems, which all eventually erupted into hostilities between the European countries, the hostility that eventually progressed into the "Great War".

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