Taking One More Step Towards Managing the Threats from Cloud Storage

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What is writing? Why my words matter? These are seemingly simple question to answer, but to get the perfect answer is not so easy. This deceptively simple question had plagued me since I began my schooling. The answers change because I am growing. With the learning experiences of the whole year in Drew University, I was introduced to a whole new insight on writing. For me, first of all, writing is a process to cognize my position by listening to the other’s voice, in the sense that understanding one’s own voice is irrespective of writing skill or ability of expression. Unfortunately, my opinions usually seem to disappear when I am flooded with others' views. Hence, the extended argument paper requires me to spend more efforts on understanding of myself. On this basis, Being aware of the value of the position and feeling confident enough to communicate with readers, writers are able to compose a perfect paper with creative insight, logical reasoning, lucid exposition and appropriate use of evidence. In this semester, with the guidance of professor Holly Wells, I have been aware of my position of the technological world and wrote a couple of incisive analysis of cloud storage services. By analyzing Wu’s article and Corbett’s one, I wrote“A Global E-government” to emphasize “governments should set a new global standard to protect personal information while it is becoming a global issue, at the same time, public trust that is important to both government and people can be gained in the process.” Compared with the synthesis of Wu’s and Corbett’s, “Taking One More Step Towards Managing the Threats from Cloud Storage,” an extended argument paper, gave me a huge amount of creative latitudes in which to work on. However, at the s... ... middle of paper ... ... Lowa Law Review,March 2012:809-847.
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