Taking Control of Our Fate

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Through new breakthroughs in technology, we have found new ways of solving life’s biggest problems. Scientists have found that through genetic engineering, many of our body’s imperfections can be eliminated. Through the modification of certain hazardous cells, scientists can reverse the effects of cancer and other illnesses. The concept of altering any life form has brought great controversies throughout our society. This brings a new argument into whether humans have the right to modify any organism. Many people question whether these experiments should be funded by our government, and if they should be covered by health insurance. This would make these treatments only available to the wealthy, leaving many people with few options. Jessica Walter, a 35 year old Anatomy teacher, has made it clear that this type of treatment should be offered to all. “I feel that with the rapid advances of medicine, and the opportunities we have been shown to help people should be used for that very reason; to help people. We should never worry about the money before a person’s life,” she says. Genetic engineering is not completely understood throughout our culture, and we believe that the public needs to be more informed about the benefits of this latest discovery. Studies have shown that genetic engineering has improved food production, cured cancer victims, and has allowed doctors to discover new ways of practicing medicine. Through the help of sponsorships and the support of more organizations, genetic engineering will advance farther than we could ever imagine.

One benefit of genetic engineering is introducing DNA directly into plants and making them into hybrid plants. This technology allows scientists to genetically manipulate common crops...

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