Taking A Look At Oasis Poker

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Oasis Poker Introduction

When it comes to classic card games played by casino players, the game of poker is considered as one of the most popular and challenging. Today, many online casinos are offering different versions of poker games, and most of the time, these casinos offer poker tournaments to appeal to the needs of poker enthusiasts. Also, the popularity of the game can be traced to the skills required in the game. In poker, the skills of players matter, as compared to the randomness that happen in slot games. Now, Net Entertainment has provided casual and regular casino players with a casino games that fuse the excitement of slots, and the challenges of poker. The result is a game called Oasis Poker, one of the challenging games from the Netent stable of games. …show more content…

This is designed as a realistic poker gaming experience, thus will help redefine the casino gaming experience. Just like other casino games, Oasis Poker can be played in free mode or in money version. In Oasis Poker, the dealer should get a King and Ace or higher to qualify. Only one deck of playing cards is used, and the player is given the chance to swap the cards, for a fee.

Card Swapping

This game allows players to swap their cards, and each swap has a corresponding fee. For example, swapping just one card will require 1 time the ante bet. If you decide to swap 3 cards, the system will require 3 times the ante bet. And if you decide to swap 5 cards, this also charges 1 time the ante bet, and an automatic call bet will be made.

Sample Poker Hands

Keep in mind the following poker hands when playing Oasis Poker:

Royal Flush- This refers to 5 consecutive cards, from the same

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