Take a Stand

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Take a Stand April 11, 2010 Take a Stand As a parent of a school age child, the issue of the mandated school dress code is a subject well to be discussed. We, parents encourage our children to be independent thinkers, not to follow the crowd. But isn’t that what the uniforms promote? The uniform structure in the school does not support individuality. According to proponents of the school uniforms, wearing uniforms serves to increase a sense of belonging and of school pride. Isn’t that what pep rallies are for? They also say that uniforms help prevent gangs from forming on the school campus, encourage discipline among the students, and help students resist peer pressure of trying to fit in, by wearing designer clothing, which breaks down the economic and social barriers between students who can afford them and those who cannot. The subject of gangs forming as a result of not wearing uniforms seems to be an untrue statement. Children who belong to gangs still show individuality as to their dress. The only link to each other at times is the colors and o...
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