Take Time To Reflection Essay

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Take Time to Reflect (55-56) 1. Close your eyes and reflect for a moment on your memories of your first 6 years. Attempt to identify your earliest concrete single memory-something you actually remember that happened to you, not something you were told about. Spend a few minutes recalling the details and reexperiencing the feelings associated with this early event. Write down your earliest recollection. My earliest recollection is when I was around six I had a seizure at school. I was in hospital for a few months and the doctors were constantly running test and giving me shots. The doctors had found a tumor on my brain, which was causing the seizures. During this time I was unaware of what was going on, so I was just trying to figure out ways to play in the hospital and make the…show more content…
What major choices did you struggle with during your adolescent years? When I was an adolescent my struggle was breaking the cycle and being different. I am the youngest of four girls, so I did not want to make my sisters’ mistakes or repeat something they did, because I had already knew the outcome. For instance, when my sister got pregnant at eighteen and I was fourteen, I saw her struggle and try to take care of my nephew. In addition, I saw how my mom reacted to the news. She was not happy and did not tell anybody until my sister started showing. I have learned from my sisters’ experiences, so I have been avoiding doing things I have seen them do. 2. How do you think your adolescence affected the person you are today? My adolescence affected the person I am now, because I prefer to do things that I can predict the outcome. In other words, if I think something will affect me positively, I will try it out and see if it is something I enjoy. However, if I think something will negatively affect me I will not try it. My adolescence experiences has affected me today, because it makes me questions my decisions and the outcome or consequences if I make bad
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