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To begin, Christopher Columbus’ description of the first interaction between Europeans and Native Americans did, in fact, foreshadow how the relationship between these two groups of people would unfold in future years. Also, the start of the European’s colonial presence in the Western Hemisphere would result in both short term and long term effects. Some of these effects will result in a positive impact, however others will maintain a negative aspect. Columbus’ first voyage will set the stage for a New World. All in all, this interaction foreshadowed the further relationship of these people as well as the new colonial presence of the Europeans in the Western Hemisphere. The relationship between these two people would eventually result in cultural diffusion. During this “New” Era, it was important to spread such ideas as religion, politics, economics, language, and even new technological innovations. All previously stated items are indeed positive, but more negative aspects resulted as well, including diseases and slavery. At first, the Europeans will aid the Natives in new knowledge and technology while the Natives will aid the Europeans will valuable natural resources. However, this trade was not always equal. Even Columbus points to the welcoming nature of these people, yet he takes advantage of them by trading some tedious Spanish items in return for everything of value to the Natives. Columbus also feels that if he can in some way make Spaniards of these Natives in all ways; this way to mainly spread the Spanish influence. He states, “…and I believe that they would easily be made Christians, because it seemed to me that they belonged to no religion. I, please Our Lord, will carry off six of them at my departure to Your Highne... ... middle of paper ... ...he Americas, leaving a positive and negative impact on many. Included here is a population decline of about ten million slaves, a shift of Europeans, and a decline of Natives. Yet, a country will always strive for greatness, no matter the cost of its failure. In conclusion, Europe has made a lasting impact on the Americas through time. In future years, relations between these continents will indeed grow and develop, however some of these relations will result in wars involving massive numbers of casualties. All in all, Christopher Columbus pretty much set the stage for the entire colonial are with his visit to the “West Indies.” Columbus himself stated, “You can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.” This inspiration quote points to the future of this era and the developing relations between two continents of great power.
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