Tak Time And Takt Time: Just In Time

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Kanban: Developed in 20th century as a part of Toyotas JIT (just in time) implementation. In fact “ just in time” concept came from the founder of Toyota Motor Company. A Kanban is a sign or signal that manufacturing operators use to indicate that more of a part or supply is required. It is an authorization to produce more inventory, we thus limit the amount of inventory in process. Example: If a company manufactures refrigerators under traditional manufacturing it produces new refrigerators in large batches according to a pre-planned schedule. If production slows down unexpectedly, the parts and supplies are stockpiled, taking up space and increasing costs. Building or obtaining more refrigerator doors isn't useful if there are no refrigerator…show more content…
If a company has Takt time of five minutes that means every five minutes a complete product, assembly or machine is produced off the line because on average a customer is buying a finished product every five minutes. The sell rate – every two hours – two days – two weeks is the Takt time. To calculate Takt time in production. 1. Calculate your demand i.e what does your customer typically want every day / week / month. 2. Calculate your available time (excluding breaks and meeting times) 3. Calculate your Takt time, mathematically described as (Available time for production/required units of production) for example, A factory operates 1000 mins per day. Customers demand is 500 units per day, the Takt time is 1000/500 = 2mins 4. Compare your cycle time against Takt time using charts. 5. Draw a value stream mapping and there you can provide the Takt time at each activity. Knowing Takt time helps you to estimate your service delivery process, process outcome/software outcome. Takt time helps you to achieve a consistent continuous flow of production Eliminate the waste of overproduction by producing to actual customer demands It encourages the development of standardized work instructions thus promoting quality and efficiency More importantly, it enables you to set real time targets for production that show the staff exactly where their
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