Taizong versus Al Mawardi in Politics and Religion

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The Taizong handout and the Al Mawardi source can be compared through their religious and political similarities and differences. These two sources have many similarities, yet they also have some key differences. They differ, for example, in their views of: ways a ruler or emperor should rule their government or empire, the use of the military, and the similarity between who will succeed and or shall be chosen for a right task in government. It seems as if the Islamic structure for government is much more strict than the Tang Dynasty, based on the fact that the Islamic government must follow the Koran and Hadith.

One difference between the Taizong handout and the Al Mawardi source is the way an emperor or caliphate shall rule their government or empire. The Islamic ruler or caliph was elected by the people, which was the idea of the majority of the population, the Sunni’s. The job of caliph or ruler involved strict religious and political duties. The power of the government was complete as long as its ruler or caliph stuck to the Koran and Hadith. If something clashed with the Koran it could not be done. A ruler could not broaden his will so that he will be able to accept heaven and earth. The ruler had to follow the words of the Koran and had to follow the Islamic law, Hadith. The Islamic ruler at the time had to follow the Koran and Hadith, thus if this ruler did follow the Koran and Hadith it would constitute him and a good ruler.

Emperor Taizong on the other hand believed there are other ways for an Emperor to act. Based on Confucian philosophy, “When the ruler looks as lofty and firm as a mountain peak and as pure, bright and illuminating as the sun and moon, the people will admire and respect him”. If this Emperor did...

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...ons for the caliph. Knowledge about the religion, Hadith, and the government is required to be a caliph. One difference between Taizong’s advice and Al Mawardi’s ideas is the fact that in the Tang Dynasty there was Confucianism within the government, it was the examination system. To become part of the Tang Dynasty government, one must pass a Confucian based test. If one does pass the test they become part of the government. “Those with low intelligence or capability should not be entrusted with heavy tasks or responsibilities. If the right person is given the right task, the government can be governed with ease. Whether the emperor gets hold of the right person for the right task determines whether his empire will be well governed.” Determining whether the emperor gets the right person for the right job will determine how long the government and Dynasty shall last.
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