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Principles are a set of rules or guidelines to live by. Each person has a unique set of principles, and a person’s character is defined by his or her principles and how closely those principles are kept. For instance, it is possible for a person to have good principles yet not follow them. Principles are more or less goals for people to reach towards to become better humans, and for Taekwondo students to become better martial artists and black belts. There are several principles that are expected of all students in Taekwondo. There are physical principles, such as remaining calm, practicing self-control, and only using the skills learned in self-defense. That is why we practice self-defense and do so with other students so we learn how to do…show more content…
Respect is practiced whenever a student bows to masters and black belts, and students practice discipline whenever they practice Taekwondo outside of the dojang. The principles learned in Taekwondo are very important to have outside of Taekwondo. For example, discipline is important to have in school, and I know this all too well especially now that I am a college student. I use Google Calendar to keep track of a well defined schedule and designate times for me to study, and I use the discipline I learned when doing Taekwondo to stick to my schedule. This allowed me to get all A’s throughout my first year in college. I also found my principles to be very useful in the workforce. A very important principle I learned in Taekwondo is not being afraid of asking questions. In Taekwondo, students are encouraged to learn their form and self-defense from their seniors, and I needed to ask many questions when I started working as an administrative assistant. I used these skills when I started working for a company in the summer of 2017. It was a new environment for me, but I remembered the importance of working with my coworkers and asking many questions, so I pushed myself to do so, and I ended up doing much better at that company than I would have done if I had been too afraid to ask for…show more content…
I learned this when I moved to college and met a lot of people from diverse backgrounds. It is important to be prepared to learn that some principles you thought were good actually do not work so well in real life, and others may make much more sense when explained by others. As people meet other people and become more educated, they will change their principles, but that does them no good if they still feel like only remaining true to their old principles. Thus, to change to use their new principles, people require another important skill to have: adaptability. Adaptability is how easily a person can change to perform a certain task. It is yet another skill that is learned in Taekwondo, which is one of the reasons why students at Mach Martial Arts are required to participate in at least two tournaments before receiving their black belts. Performing at tournaments is very different from practicing in the studio, because it is a different environment and there is more pressure to perform. Students have to learn to adapt to the new competitive environment quickly. Sometimes students even have to perform or spar on the wooden floor, which they are not use

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