Tablets Are More Convenient Than A Textbook

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Tablets Are More Convenient than a Textbook I. Introduction A. Tablets are more useful than textbooks it is more convenient to use at school, work, and at home setting. II. Body A. Tablets are more convenient to use at school more than a textbook. 1. Most students this days are likely to use the internet to search for information, by using tablet at school, they would gain knowledge. • “With thousands of apps, students and teachers have instant access to a wealth of information from experts in their fields. For example, Khan Academy has a variety of high quality lecturers on a range of curriculum subjects and the Encyclopdia Britannica app allows you to explore an array of knowledge in an easy to use digital format.” 2. In school students can use tablets in part of their project or presentation, but textbook can be used to give information it is needed. • Students sometime uses Prezi to present their project and it can be link through their tablets. 3. It is faster to look into a tablets then a textbook for a faster information. • By using google as a search engine to look up information can have a faster resources in finding information. 4. “A 4GB tablet with 3,500 e-books weighs a billionth of a billionth of a gram more than if it were of data.” • A textbooks cost more money than an e-book. 5. The experience with tablets I had in school were helpful during my architect class because it were a useful tool to use the tablet to present my design for a project. • The school provided everyone in their senior years with an iPad where there an app that was downloaded in the iPad that can be used to design a house or a furniture. B. At a workplace, employee use their tablets to make their life more convenient to connect with ... ... middle of paper ... ...pp where there are varieties movies, games, and books to read. 3. Tablets can be really convenient to people who are at home, so they can just order or buy online stuff that they want. • Amazon have many resource for online shoppers from food and everything, but it is not the only website where homer want to shop online there is many variety that can be purchases through a tablet. III. Conclusion A. Tablets are a useful tool that help make students, workers, and people home setting more convenient. Students use tablets to help themselves find information faster, uses for their presentation and project. Workers uses to communicate wherever they are and use it to do their presentation. At home there is an entertainment just by using a tablet everything is more convenient and it make life easier. Tablet it is a great tool to use for everyday lives more than a textbook.

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