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Tennessee Wildlife Resources Foundation (TWRF) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 1999 to support the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA). TWRA, in simple terms, is Tennessee’s fish and game commission. TWRF sometimes referred to as “The Foundation”, supports TWRA by sponsoring youth programs and purchasing land to support the mission of both organizations. The viability to serve and fulfill their mission is through sponsorships, donations, fundraising, advertising and volunteers, just to name a few. TWRF is sponsored by numerous outdoors companies that provide product and service donations; such as hunting supplies, guided hunts, and custom made logo’d products. These products and services are then raffled or auctioned off during various fundraising events. Current fundraising events are once or twice a year at pre-planned locations in Middle TN which strictly limits the ability to target a larger audience. The market advantage is to leverage a hosted online auction storefront. A1. E-Commerce Solutions PayPal is the e-commerce solution that will meet the objectives for TWRF’s use of an online eBay auction storefront. eBay acquired PayPal in October of 2002 and fully integrated their online payment system into eBay’s platform, which make PayPal a perfect solution. With one of the objectives being to expand the target audience for online auctions, the leverage of PayPal for payment will be very appealing to the customers already using their service. PayPal also provides merchant services. This allows for a credit card swiping service for the use with smartphones. This is a very handy feature that can be leveraged at fundraising events and auctions if customers don’t want to write a check, or just prefer to pa... ... middle of paper ... ...ion pages. This allow for the convenience of customers to make random, or regular, donations at the click of a button, which is a benefit for TWRF to boost their annual donation levels. PayPal doesn’t charge any monthly or set-up for the use of a donate button, however they do require the organization to pay a processing fee once the donation is received into their account. 3. TWRF can leverage the merchant services to accept credit card payments and donations on the spot. This is a benefit for TWRF to not have to keep up with cash or checks during events and then hassle with making deposits at the bank. 4. TWRF will benefit from a centralized bank account for all processed transactions. Funds can be moved from the PayPal account to a traditional banking account at the click of a few buttons; however a few days will be required for the online transfer to complete.

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