TV Violence

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In the past few years’ violence has raged our culture. It has taken the lives of adults and children alike. Our culture has been based on violence for some time, and has sky rocketed in the past few years. Ever since violence has become more popular on TV real life has become more violent itself. Our culture has been terrorized by violence too long, and it has to be restrained from our children. Violence in Television has recently become the main focus for many parents of young children. Due to so much of the violence, television stations are now forced to put certian ratings on TV programs. At first many stations were hesitant to put this system on their stations, but now it is located on every station.
Many parents state that acts of violence are committed by many teens today due to them watching too much violence on television.
Take for example Beavis and Butthead. Several years ago a child set fire to his home after watching this particular episode. Another child that was watching this show saw Beavis and Butthead stab a person in the eye wiht a pencil, needless to say the child committed the same act of violence.
The V Chip is a new invention that enables parents to edit what their children watch. It is used so that parents can block out a whole
TV program in itself. Hopefully this will discourage youngsters from being so violent.
Bullies in the movies
Although physical violence is portrayed often on screen, few movies have yet conveyed the nastiness of a serial bully and what it's like to live with or deal with such a person.
In Fatal Attraction, Demi Moore sexually harasses Michael Douglas who then has a hard time proving his innocence. Nice idea to make the harasser a female ... bullying is not a gender issues, as over 50% of 3200+ cases reported to the UK National Workplace Bullying Advice Line involve a female serial bully.
In September 1999, ITV screened Walking on the Moon, a chilling drama about a boy being bullied at school which showed the nastiness of bullying with it's tragic and inevitable conclusion Alfred Hitchcock was a master of chilling suspense, with the Bates Motel in Psycho a classic in horror. In Silence of the Lambs, Hannibal Lecter is the archetypal psychopath, a chilling (and for Anthony Hopkins, Oscar-winning) portrayal.
The Crucible portrays the Salem with trials of You could be nearer to a psycho than you think ....

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...pect of TV violence. The basis of any policy proposal should consider the types of violent depictions that pose the greatest concern.
Consider the feasibility of technology that allows parents to restrict access to inappropriate material.
Test anti-violence PSAs with target audiences before production, including the credibility of spokespersons. Provide target audiences with specific and realistic actions for resolving conflict.
When possible, link anti-violence PSAs to school-based or community efforts. Target 8- to13-year-olds, who may be more responsive to the message.
Recommendations for Parents
Watch TV with your children. In this study, children whose parents took more control over their TV viewing were more likely to avoid inappropriate material.
Encourage critical evaluation of TV content.
Consider a child's developmental level when making decisions about what to watch.
Be aware of the potential risks associated with viewing TV violence. These include learning aggressive attitudes and behaviors, fear, and desensitization or loss of sympathy towards victims of violence.
Recognize that different kinds of programs pose different risks.
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