TV Commercials or Kill Me Commercials?

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“You’re always going to come up short when you measure your personal life against the idealized personal lives that are constantly thrust in our faces, primarily by TV commercials.”-Dan Savage Relaxing after a stressful day at work or school seems to go hand in hand with turning on the TV and eating some pop corn. But television has grown increasingly more saddening particularly because of the advertisements we are bombarded with daily. Not only do these commercials show us that our life style isn’t good enough, they compete with each other to throw more offensive or explicit content to get us to notice their product. Instead of relaxing we end up severely impatient and bothered by these gruesome thirty second clips. Many television commercials are disturbing because they are boring, insulting or dangerous. Some television commercials become boring because of their frequency and triteness. Some commercials such as McDonald’s, Coca Cola and TD Canada Trust appear as many as three times in a thirty-minute program. Throughout a big event that has a large audience such as the Olympics, there is little to no variety in commercials, especially by big companies. They make it impossible to miss their commercial by filling up all the potential slots to make their product registered by you. Not only is the repetition dull, but the message employed in these commercials is often stated in clichés. For example, in many clothing commercials there is often stereotypical shots of highschool students who instantly have a big group of friends when they wear that brand. Some of these same commercials that have become so tiresome are also insulting because of their blatantly illogical claims. We are asked to believe that product testimonials by "st... ... middle of paper ... ...he problem of disturbing television commercials does drastically rue our enjoyment of watching CTV News or The Bachelorette, there are solutions that can be looked favorably upon. We can look into public television; non-profit television is the best type of broadcasting because it is helpful communities of people trying to portray honesty without having to be bombarded by advertisements. There are countless advantages when it comes. Secondly, we as the innocent consumers always have the option to watch pay television, with the benefits of not having to sit through such horrible commercials and simply enjoy television programming. However, for ultimate freedom from the horrible ads we see on TV, we can seek entertainment in other mediums such books, radio, and CDs. The continued abuse of the television viewers' intelligence will, I hope, result in a buyer's boycott.

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