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I woke up at 7:32 A.M. with the sun blinding me through the window and my orange frizzy hair covering my whole face. It was the same every morning. At 7:30 the shades would automatically start to raise up – even on Saturday. It was the government's way of keeping order in our disorderly world. Twenty-five years ago, the United States was exponentially growing, or so the world thought. Technology was booming and half of the population was inventors who were earning millions of dollars from a bunch of frivolous devices. Our world slammed to a halt when there was a major power outage. Scientist did not think that such a catastrophic power outage was even possible, and I was in the same boat as them because I am fact orientated. As people eventually found out, all of the electricity being used took up so much power that it burned everything that used power – lights, fridges, cars, and bikes. The government was not able to pull up enough power to generate one little lightbulb for 3 days. Because of some dumb government attempt of conserving what power we did have and being fair; only the President gets full power. Of all the days of the week, Wednesday is my absolute favorite. It is message day. That means that people get to chance catch up with any updates President has for us. In a sense, Wednesdays are our one chance to see technology in action. I crawl out of bed and dart around to get ready to head to the town square. Everyday when I step out of the house I am shocked. It looks like the world is deteriorating. The sky is not blue with fluffy clouds like the pictures in old children's books. It is a grungy blue-orange color with barely a cloud in sight. Garbage floats down the street and odd smells waft up my nose. Scientists c... ... middle of paper ... ...eak. I knew that someone was coming so I hastily jumped in the bushes. A man in a red shirt walked out the door. “Adria, what are you doing outside this late at night? You need your sleep for the first day of the program tomorrow.” Mr. Red Shirt said. “Well, I was just going to...” I started. My mind went blank. “I was going... I mean to say is... I needed some fresh air? Yeah. That must be it.” I mused. Mr. Red Shirt smiled eerily. “Did you enjoy your supper tonight?” “Oh yes, the soup was very delicious.” “Why don't we get you another bowl to help you fall asleep better.” “ I think I would like that” I responded with a smile. I followed him inside like a hungry puppy. The fresh air had washed away my earlier confusion and I was finally ready to sleep. I could not wait to somehow save the world with this new government program. I just had to find out how.

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