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I was introduced to The Hunger Games trilogy just a few months before the first movie came out. I honestly cannot remember what made me start to read the book, but all I remember is being halfway through the third book by the time the movie came out. I had already seen it at the midnight release, but volunteered to see it again with my cousin and his friend. The only reason I remember that exact detail is because my cousin's friend decided to ruin the end of Mockingjay for me. As sad as it sounds, that was a traumatic moment for me. Ruining literature is the worst thing someone can do to me. I may sound dramatic, but it’s true. Only a literature devil would do such a thing to someone; that’s worse than wishing for someone to step on a Lego. By the middle of the second book, I could pretty much admit that I was a bit obsessed. I was intrigued by every little secret or detail that was revealed by every page. I liked the action and excitement in the series. Yet, every time I watched the movie I remember sitting there thinking, “Well that wasn't how it happened in the book”. Yes, I am one of those people who will notice right away the difference between the books and movies. Trust me; my mom hated watching the Harry Potter movies with me because of that. However, there are a lot of noticeable aesthetic changes in the movie appearance from the book appearance of characters, which caused controversy over the casting decisions. Many people turned to social media to express their opinion. Therefore making me question, how did fans respond to the said changes and similarities in casting for the movie? It seems as though the fans who had a problem with Rue’s and Thresh’s ethnicity did not read the book. The responses were... ... middle of paper ... ...enager. However, according to the director, Gary Ross, Suzanne believed that the role needed to be filled by someone of a certain maturity and power. They needed someone that was not too young because in Suzanne’s mind, Katniss is not a young girl. An additional issue found about Lawrence and Katniss was the physical appearance of Lawrence. Katniss is described to have straight black hair, olive skin and gray eyes. Yet, Lawrence is pale, has blonde hair and blue eyes. An easy fix to the hair color was to dye it, which they did. In the opening weekend, The Hunger Games made $155 million at the box office. It was the third-best debut in American box office history, behind Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 and The Dark Knight. However, both were sequels and had male protagonists, whereas The Hunger Games was written by a female starring a female.
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