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Beginning from the consciousness of junior high school where pupils were exposed and acquainted to courses on the subject of human evolution through biology and or integrated science, on developed notions on the true and specific origins of man. Whereas an individual’s immediate cultural context holds a significant ethos as regards what this individual is wont to believe by virtue of institutional indoctrinations of that society, politics, family or religious affiliation; the biological science of genetics would appear to constitute the most provocative claim on the subject thus far. Being a dedicated Roman Catholic Christian, I for one, is one of many Christian faithful across the globe who believe that the Lord God Almighty created man in his own image after he had created several other bright and beautiful things of the world we presently reside alongside other components of the solar system’s galaxy. The creator on finding that the first man Adam was lonely magnanimously made him Eve – a female companion off his rib – in order that man might not be alone. Now, all of this is well and truly coherent. However, the holy book and its proponents are quick to assert that the ways of God are not the ways of man hence the latter is not expected to comprehend the reasons why the former does the things he does or why he has chosen to follow course through in his infinite wisdom. Nonetheless many harbor questions as to the veracity of this biblical suasion such that there is wonder for instance if the multitude of animals the creator had made before man had a dual gender structure from original creation, or whether each were all male and got female accomplices following the creation of Eve. Questions also exist as to the kind of historic... ... middle of paper ... ...erived from experimental genetics have contributed in no meager measure to the empirical authority of the Darwinian model of evolution. References Darwin, C. (1859) On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favored Races in the Struggle for Life [online] Available from [Accessed 10 April 2014] NECSI (2014) Evolution: an introduction to Jean Lamarck [online] Available from [Accessed 11 April 2014] NECSI (2014) On Jean Lamarck [online] Available from [Accessed 11 April 2014] NECSI (2014) Why we believe Darwin [online] Available from [Accessed 12 April 2014]


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