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Heidi Dietz, born November 10th 1974 to parents Debbie and Jim Dietz in Chattanooga, TN; grew up in Boynton GA; a small town outside of Chattanooga; now 39 years later; a student and single mother of a 15 year old, cherishes God, family and friends. Wow, the story sounds simply generic when I put it down in words, but simple and generic are far from the truth. Yes, I am Heidi Dietz but the story is much deeper and multi-faceted than what is seen on the surface. Heidi Dietz; a woman, scarred by the past but peaceful in the present, a woman, strong enough to be weak to find her joy, a woman excited about the journey to the future. In the beginning of my journey I have many memories, some field of fun and happiness but others made up with things that brought about feelings of being dumb, ugly, uselessness, angry and fearful. These feelings steamed from things that I went through, things that were said, and actions that were taken against me that forced me into a dark stale self-proclaimed purgatory. As a first grader it was discovered that I had issues learning, now known as ADD with a form of dyslexia, but at that time due to the lack of knowledge of learning disabilities and being in a small town and school I was referred to often as being retarder, slow and incapable by my teachers and also my dad. These are extremely powerful words that were said to me and their actions against me cut me deep. I was a 7 year old being destroyed emotionally by the contractors that are suppose build up and construct a child’s foundation with strong withstanding components but instead my contractors used tainted and toxic mortar and clay that fabricated a foundation weaken with self-doubt, humiliation, and worthlessness. These feelings invaded my... ... middle of paper ... ...o takes care of my needs, who truly feels beautiful inside and out. A woman who dances to the majestic hymns from within that now guides me into a new path with a journey purposed to obtain and maintain unlimited joy and happiness. I am Heidi Dietz, perfectly imperfect woman, pardoned from the life sentence of dismay and warfare that was within. I am a woman, scarred from my past but peaceful in my present, I am a woman, strong enough to be weak, who fights hard to keep my newfound joy, I am a woman excited about my journey that’s leading me into my future. I am a woman who found a tranquil peace and blissful delight from within. I have gained a conscious understanding of the woman I am and I am fully intone with the rhythm of the beats of my soul’s drum who dances through life to beautiful rhymes of the strike, clasp, rap and tap spiritual song of my souls drum.
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