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Terrorism in the United States The terrifying event that occurred on September 11, 2001 is an example of what the world had been warned about many times, “TERRORISM”. In 1998, for example, the U.S. government told American citizens that they were potential targets for a terrorist group joined by the now infamous Osama bin Laden (Eland, 1998). However, many did not think any terrorist would be capable of the tragedy that leveled the World Trade Center and took many thousands of human lives. Americans thought they could not be touched, especially on their own turf. While it may be that organizations involved with Bin Laden that are in the United States, and have been for years, there are other groups that U.S. citizens may not be aware of. Many have probably forgotten The Order of the Rising Sun. Members of this group, in 1972, possessed thirty to forty kilograms of bacteria that they planned to put into the American water supply (Yonah, 1999). The nation is a main target for both national and international terrorists. There are numerous foreign groups and governments that target U.S. For example, Libya, Iraq and Iran in addition to groups from Germany and Palestine(Yonah, 1999). While most of the damage done by such organizations has been overseas, their presence is felt in the United States. Almost all foreign terrorist organizations have caused a problem in the United States, in which the primary threats come from Middle East terrorist organizations (Emerson, 2000). The concept that the Middle East groups are more dangerous to the U.S., is not thought of as a prejudice comment. It is a concept that has been realized by both the FBI and CIA(Emerson,2000). The Middle Eastern and Islamic terrorist groups that have members in the United States include the Algerian Armed Islamic Group, Hamas, Hezbollah, the Palestinian group, the Egyptian group, Al Gamat Al Islamiya, the PKK, the Islamic party, and Al- Qaeda, which belongs to Osama bin Laden (Emerson,2000). Al-Qaeda is the most dangerous in respect to U.S. interests. The group was formed by Osama bin Laden during the 1980s. In 1989, the organization stated it was their duty, and the duty of all Muslims, to kill U.S. citizens and all U.S. allies (2001). Like other groups, some of their plans were stopped such as the 199... ... middle of paper ... ...ble to freely move about the United States, whether they entered legally or illegally, supporting activities such as bombings, assassinations and other methods of destruction aimed at the Western world. The future likely holds a less trustworthy planet and one would guess that questionable people with questionable passports would be denied entry when they get to U.S. borders throughout the twenty-first century. Still, the fact that terrorists have been able to live in the United States unencumbered during the past decade or so is rather chilling. References Alexander, Y. (1999). Terrorism in the Twenty-First Century: Threats and Responses. The World & I, 14, 80. Eland, I. (1998, September 25). The U.S. Government Is Endangering American Citizens. The Cato Institute. [Online]. Available: Emerson, S. (2000). INTERNATIONAL TERRORISM AND IMMIGRATION POLICY:STEVEN EMERSON. Congressional Testimony, PG (Reprinted in Original publisher not listed). Terrorist Group Profiles. (2000). Dudley Knox Library: Naval Postgraduate School. [Online]. Available:

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that terroristism in the united states is an example of what the world had been warned about many times, "terrorism".
  • Opines that the united states is a main target for both national and international terrorists.
  • Explains that most foreign terrorist organizations have caused a problem in the united states. the concept that the middle east groups are more dangerous to the u.s. is realized by both the fbi and cia.
  • Explains that al-qaeda is the most dangerous in respect to u.s. interests. the group was formed by osama bin laden during the 1980s.
  • Explains that terrorist organizations are allowed to flourish in the united states because the nation is based on religious and political freedom, loopholes in immigration policies, and borders are easily penetrable.
  • Opines that the lack of a vigilant media is responsible for the advent of these groups in america.
  • Explains that terrorists use the united states as a base of operations. they gravitate to the free world to promote its antithesis.
  • Explains the number of major international terrorists who have been allowed into the united states—some having been granted green cards and even citizenship—is staggering.
  • Analyzes how foreign nationals enter the u.s. with false identification; islamic jihad leader abdel aziz odeh entered the united states numerous times without leaving a record under his real name, which is another example of how lax the security is in the country.
  • Explains that terrorists also obtain entry into the united states by asking for political asylum or engaging in other immigration fraud schemes. terrorist operatives are sometimes smuggled in from mexico or canada.
  • Opines that terrorists have been able to live in the united states unencumbered during the past decade or so.
  • Cites alexander, y., eland, i. and emerson, s.
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