TCP/IP Affiliation

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TCP stands for Transmission control protocol while IP stands for Internet protocol. They are merged together to form the Internet protocol suit which is a model for networking which consists of communication protocols which are used for internet and other similar networks. This protocol suite was designed and developed by the Department of Defense (DoD). It was developed in order to connect different networks which were designed by different vendors. By use of TCP/IP, several computers on small network in a department can use these protocols in conjunction with other protocols on a single LAN. In this protocol suite, the IP components helps in routing form the small LAN in that department to regional and also to the global internet. TCP/IP is made up of layers which enable it to perform its tasks. The IP part is responsible of moving packet from one node to the other based on the destination IP address. This IPs are mainly assigned by the internet authorities to service providers and thus making it easier for computers to communicate because the IPs assigned to them makes them unique and thus packets can move from source to destination all over the world. The TCP part is responsible of verification and also correct delivery of data from a client ti the server. It helps in detecting errors or even the lost data. It also has the ability to trigger retransmission of data so that it can be correctly be received in its original format.
TCP/IP is composed of four layers. All this layers are meant to provide different functionalities in order for the packets to reach their destination. The diagram below represents a TCP/IP protocol. In this diagram, it clearly shows the TCP/I...

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...ocol. This is a protocol used in moving the web pages successfully across the internet. In order to guarantee and orderly and correct delivery of data, it depends on TCP in the network.
SNMP – This is a protocol which helps in managing and monitoring systems in a network. It defines a method to send queries and commands from a client to a server and also collecting responses together with unsolicited notifications of an event. It uses UDP to send traffic due to its simplicity plus low overhead.

In conclusion, this research has established that development of the TCP / IP protocol was a major step in improving communication between systems. It provided many applications which run on the protocol and thus providing many services that were not available before. It is therefore important to make use of these services in order to provide quality communication.
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