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Training is long-held obligation of making it sure that the employees have the necessary skills and expertise to serve their job role requirements at the highest level and to succeed in their careers. Both employee training and development differs from each other. Operations, techniques and allied areas are the places where training is provided to the employees. On the contrary, improving and developing maturity and advancement in an employee comes under the development area. Moreover developing the techniques of management in an employee is a part of the development sector.
Training refers to taking care of an employee to become productive and for great performance. It mainly refers to improve the technical skills of a worker in any institute or organization.
Development means forcing an employee to bring out his capacities and capabilities for coming into being, which results in better performance towards work. Improving Behavioral Skills are generally referred to this.

2.0 Training Concept
2.1 Introduction
It is a must for every organization to have employees who are well-trained and have experience in their fields, in order to do their work and to be productive for the organization. The Human Resource Department plays an important role in this area of an organization. In this modern era, training is not only important for making an employee an expert but it is also used to maintain a knowledgeable and educated workforce. Thus training is important for every employee of an organization.
2.2 Meaning
Training is referred to a short-term educational process that’s used for increasing knowledge of an employee for a specific job/task. This process follows a systematic procedure due to whi...

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... very necessary. Moreover it provides the organization with high standards and huge success.


 Resource allocation and training time must be set accordingly by the management.
 The training must support the competitive strategies of the firm.
 It should be made very clear that the skills must be provided at all the levels where training is needed.
 Proper connection is necessary amongst organization and an individual training need.
 Knowledge based and skill based training must be provided.
 Organizations must follow the methods that are used for determining the need for training.
 There should be a proper evaluation process executed in the organization to evaluate the trainers as well as the trainees.
 Feedback should be taken from the managers and the executives related to the training session.

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