System Engineering Planning and Organization

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1. What is the purpose of the SEMP? When in the life cycle should it be developed? How does it relate to each of the following?

a) The PMP

b) The reliability program plan

c) The integrated logistic support plan

The purpose of the Software Engineering Management Plan is to develop the policies, procedures and structure in order to foster the support activities and engineering activities required for design and development process of the system.

Systems Engineering Management Plan is developed in the conceptual design phase of the life cycle process when the need for the management related requirement arises.

SEMP relationship with each of the following:

a) The PMP: PMP document will explain about the deliverables, overall tasks with its inputs, approach for performing tasks and its output and schedule required to complete project. The program management plan will serve as the input to SEMP. Based on the information available in PMP, SEMP will be able to prepare a top level plan required for managing systems engineering effort.

b) The Reliability Program Plan: Reliability program plan is developed to identify reliability requirements for the system though reliability analysis and to ensure that the system will meet its requirements. Reliability Program Plan is combined with SEMP, in smaller projects. For larger projects reliability program plan is made separately. SEMP will define responsibilities and authorities to each of the specialty program plans (one among them is reliability program plan) to prevent them from overlapping.

c) Integrated Logistic Support Plan: Integrated logistic support plan focuses on the system’s operations and the maintenance required for system to sustain. ILSP covers all the applicable logistics...

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... in the later stages of planning as project planning progresses. CWBS is developed in accordance with SOW and includes PWBS for products which are to be furnished by contractor.

SWBS includes all the activities of the project such as design and development, production, utilization and support. Program budgets and program schedules are also prepared in various levels of SWBS. All these information is necessary when outsourcing the project work, in order to build the right product and on time and within budget. So If I am outsourcing the work related to project and if I am responsible for specifying the work requirements for supplier then I would use SWBS.


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