Syrians Fleeing the Civil War

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March has become one of the most memorable months of tragedy for Syria. This month remarks a third anniversary of the civil war in Syria. On March 15, 2011, a peaceful protest demanding a democratic and economic reform against the Bashar al-Assad and his government resulted in an ongoing enormous civil war. Assad’s government responded to the protest with massive arrests and torture of prisoners. The protest began because there wasn’t any sign of democracy or reforms in the country. Initially, Bashar al-Assad promised in his reelection, in 2007, that new democratic forms would be developed in Syria. He has been in the power since 2000 when his father, Hafez Assad, died and he became the only candidate running for the presidency. As a result, he won the presidency because the majority of Syrians voted for him. Even though, the civil war was created by his government, he expects to win another reelection for seven years more. According to the article, “Syria's war may last 10 more years: experts” Mo...
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