Syria Intervention and Civil War

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Syria has been in a civil war for the past couple of years. Coming to the surface now is the fact that crimes against humanity are being committed by the regime in place. This regime is ruled by President Bashar al-Assad and is receiving aid from both Iran and Russia. Protests against this regime have been dealt with by using excessive force, such as removal of childrens’ nails (Watson.) With this, the fire was fed. Continuing with the crimes against humanity, there is record that chemical gas was used upon citizens in Syria (Reuters.) The people of Syria are fed up and want to bring down this horrible regime. Not only are there crimes against humanity, but there seems to be no end in sight.
Realism and liberalism are the best approaches to use when examining Syria. First, realism explains why the president is taking this course of action: to maintain power. This shows that these crimes will not stop until action is taken. Secondly, liberalism shows how the aid coming from Iran and Russia are causing a problem, not only for the citizens of Syria, but for the United States as well. The United States is sworn to help preserve democracy and to stop highly immoral events (i.e. crimes against humanity.) The co-operation aspect shows that there are many ways liberalism can be seen as the prime diagnosis, but both should be examined to fully understand the situation at hand.
The actors that are in this struggle include the regime of Syria, the populace of Syria looking to bring down the regime (rebels), Russia, Iran, United States, and the U.N. Actors, such as Russia and Iran, are looking to fuel this conflict in their own personal interest. The opposite side of this, U.S, U.N, rebels, are looking to create an atmosphere without the im...

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