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As violence continues to shatter Syria, the international community has yet to find a way to resolve the civil war. The rebels want to liberate themselves from the forty year regime of the Assad family. With the help of Hezbollah and Iran, Assad has been able to stay in office and isn’t holding back when it comes to fighting off the rebels. The rebels continue to fight back and will not stop until they liberate themselves. The international community has not stepped in to help the rebels get rid of the dictator Assad. Each country had their reason and it was very hard to convince them to join the cause. America has such great influence on the United Nations and if they do something many countries will join. Even though America is helping with humanitarian aid, their forces would be much more effective. America chose not to help with military operations because of their experience with Iraq, Libya, financial reasons and finally the whole controversial issue about aiding al-Qaida again. The United Kingdom is another country who is helping with humanitarian aid. The United Kingdom was close to coming in to Syria but Parliament shot any chance down. They do recognize the Opposition Forces as the sole legitimate representatives of the Syrian people and providing them with practical support. The European Union has provided millions of dollars in humanitarian aid and assistance. They are helping with relief, food assistance, shelter, and protection. France is another country who has stop recognizing the Syrian government and is helping the main opposition. France has been struggling as of late to help with humanitarian aid. They are financially struggling and need to focus on their own country for now. Norway and Germany helped get r... ... middle of paper ... This has helped more people support Assad even though the rebels just want to get rid of him. The rebels have no intention of Islamic law since many of them are essentially not fundamental followers. The United Nations has to step in and end the war. Sanctions are not getting the job done and military action has to be taken to get rid of Assad. He is killing his people and destroying their country so he can keep his power. Since Russia and China will stop the Security Council from getting anything done, there must be other ways to end this brutal war. The United Nations has to collectively stand together and help the rebels. If the rebels don’t continue to fight Assad will continue his regime and ultimately treated about 70% of his population in an inhuman way. The rebels have no choice but to liberate themselves because it will only get worse if they fail.

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