Synthesis of Natural Rubber/Attapulgite Composite via Combine Latex Compounding and Melt Mixing Using Silylated Method

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Synthesis of Natural Rubber/Attapulgite Composite via Combine Latex Compounding and Melt Mixing Using Silylated Method

School of Materials and Mineral Resources Engineering

1. Introduction

Composite can be defined as two elements working together to produce material. The material produces will be significantly different in physical or chemical properties from the individual components. Composite materials are generally used for constructions, automotive and consumer products. Composite materials can be divided into three type; polymeric, metallic and ceramic composites. Metallic and ceramic materials used in automotive industry and high temperature environments whereas polymeric materials is the common materials used in consumer products.

Nowadays, polymer composites have attracted a great deal of interest . In most cases, fillers are used as additives to improve the mechanical behavior of the host polymeric matrix. Natural rubber (NR) latex is one of a renewable polymeric material displaying excellent physical properties (Sanguansap et. al, 2004). Rubber is widely used due to its high and reversible deformability. It is also cheap, light weight and high in creep resistance and mechanical properties. The reinforcement of elastomers by mineral fillers is essential to the rubber industry because it is yields an improvement in the service life of rubber compounds. The state of filler dispersion, orientation in the matrix, the size and aspect ratio of the particles as well as the interfacial interactions between the organic and inorganic phases have been shown to be crucial parameters in the extent of property improvement. Since the essential modulus and strength of neat rubber are low, an additional reinforcing phase is n...

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