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Marriage is a tradition that has existed in most societies around the world for an incredibly long time. It is, traditionally, the union between a man and woman in both a religious and a legal sense. Marriage offers a stable relationship that is recognized by the state and by the religion the couple chooses to follow. Couples marry with the intent to provide a good environment to raise children as well as the intent to build a successful life for their children. Traditionally, marriage meant two people would spend the rest of their lives together and raise their family together. However, with continuously rising amounts of couples living together before marriage, divorce, single parent families and children born outside of wedlock, as well as the decline in adherence to religion, it seems that the custom is losing much of its appeal. High divorce …show more content…

The divorce rate is greater than 50% and there are an untold number of couples in unhappy marriages. With that being said, one can conclude that marriage is not working in present day society. Sure, it may work for a small percentage of the population, but they could easily have a lifelong, monogamous relationship without needing a piece of a paper to validate it. As a society we have a tendency to see the order of a relationship as date, get married, then have children. A numerous amount of couples get married and have kids because they see it as "the next step”. That tends to make couples rush into something they are not ready for and often regret. If we removed marriage from the equation, people would start thinking about what 's right for them and not what is expected of them. With pre-nuptials, which essentially amount to pre-planning for divorce, heavily on the rise, and divorces becoming easier to obtain, it is clear that our society no longer respects marriage as

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that marriage is a tradition that has existed in most societies around the world for an incredibly long time.
  • Argues that high divorce rates undermine the whole purpose of marriage.
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