Synthesis Essay On Hip Hop

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Hip Hop is an expression of culture, life through words, and language. When you think of hip hop you think of graffiti, breakdancing, MC’s, and DJ’s. Hip Hop started in South Bronx, New York in the 60’s and the culture of hip hop since then has evolved. Every generation has added their own swag to the culture of hip hop through style of music, lyrics, fashion, dancing, etc. This 21st century of hip hop has went on a completely different path regarding fashion, the way male artists talk about women, quality of lyrics by artists, plus more. The 21st century of hip hop has honestly embarrassed where the culture of hip hop is headed and the people in this generation have lost themselves as individuals. As someone who’s from this generation, I can…show more content…
The youth especially today who can’t go a day without their music are the ones who are influenced the most. In the article Hip Hop Studies in Black, the author states, “Hip hop’s thuggish, promiscuous, sexist, and violent nature gives men and boys every reason to continue gender violence” (Saucier and Woods 283). Although as an artist you want to sell albums, you have to consider the audience that you are attracting. Rapping about drugs and killing, you as an artist gives young boys the idea that it’s okay to do that because their favorite rapper does it. You can still keep it one-hundred and rap about what you know, but you’d be better beneficial if you talk about the issues of drugs and killing. Rapper Chief Keef attracts young black males especially in the city of Chicago where he’s from. The violence in Chicago is ridiculous which is because of young black males killing other black males. These young black males listen to Chief Keef all day and he has no true message behind his lyrics but about killing others. With the impact he has on Chicago kids, he should want to be more influential in their lives and encourage them to be someone in the future instead of dying before age eighteen. Over the past summer he tried to host a hologram concert in honor one year old Dillan Harris and Marvin Carr, twenty-two years old that died from a drive by shooting. The police instantly shut the concert down one because how can you host a concert in honor of someone dying when you yourself talk about killing in all your music. In the article Hip Hop Studies in Black, critics Williams and McWhorter claim that “hip hop is a culture of failure that is poisoning young people and holding back black people” (Saucier and Woods 283). The youth today is the future and the path their on right now is not headed in the right direction. Hip hop culture is poisoning young people because it’s not only teaching the
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