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The entirety of the United States is founded upon tradition. With traditions such as a beautiful flag, equality, and friendship, the typical US citizen will be reminded of how the US has thrived. From these traditions, it is important to recognize these monuments, big or small, that have promoted America into a thriving nation. As stated, it is apparent to recognize the insignificant items, such as the penny, which continue to promote the ideas and virtues of America. From the symbolic representation of the United States to the jingling of the coins within a purse, the penny serves as a tool in everyday life, as well as a reminder of national history and the constant evolution of the nation. As the nation has progressed, the penny has grown in national value, showing how America has become a powerhouse of economic values and trade. According to source G, a person can easily see that the penny has existed since America’s early exploration. The penny is a symbol of one of the US’s greatest presidents, and a gem of the nation’s tale. The great symbols of the nation-Mount Rushmor...

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