Synergy Of The Triple Bottom Line

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1. Introduction
Nowadays, the business world has demonstrated essentials of intense competition and globalisation as well as the requirement for high standards of sustainable development. This is due to that the ever-increasing resource consumption bringing massive products and services are rapidly depleted in order to satisfy the needs and wants from consumers. The crisis that the world including each single human being on the plant faces today regarding the climate change, resources depletion and social well-being sharply decreased and so on. The globalisation of operation on supply chain has a significant impact on the issue of society, economy and environment, which is regarded as overall triple bottom line. The coincidence for firms to perform its margin and apply initiatives on production and distribution is a profoundly
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Integrating the essential elements of social, economic and environmental requirements for an entire supply chain is the way in which to increase over-dependence business partners, which leads to vertical integrations and strategic alliances. Thus, as Markley and Davis (2007) stated that the rise of carbon emission, resource depletion and extensive pollution which causes environment issues is generated by the whole operations and activities in the supply chain. It is responsibility for organisations to contribute to social and environmental sustainability. By given the behaviour of restructuring products and services, adopting environmental programmes and inclining the business values toward sustainability assists resources repeatable and displaceable, efficient waste disposal and meet the demand of government legislation ( Anderson and Larsen 2009). Additionally, in the social aspect the rise of CSR consists of ethical trading in terms of safety, human rights and parity income and the
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