Synecdoche Character Analysis

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Charlie Kaufman’s Synecdoche, New York is a sequence of confusing scenes of a man’s life that seems to be coming to an end in a rush of time as he loses his spirit, his drive and even his mind. The fluidity of time will give us a look into how Caden’s life will soon fall apart. The mental and physical illnesses Caden experiences are all signs that he is on his way to his grave. Caden Cotard is a theater director who is fresh off his last successful production of Death of a Salesman. He was presented a grant and was determined to create a brutally honest play. He gathers together a cast into a warehouse in Manhattan’s theater. He leads them into a celebration of the ordinary, telling them to live out their lives in a small replica of the city outside. As this city inside the warehouse begins to grow, Caden’s life begins to swerve off the tracks. His wife, Adele, who is a famous painter and the mother of his child Olive, left him years ago and traveled to Germany’s art scene. Caden is driving his current marriage to an actress named Claire directly into the ground. The actor Caden has hired to play himself within the play is a little too perfect for the part is making it harder for Caden to revitalize his relationship with Hazel. Caden’s condition is one by one shutting down all of his autonomic functions. Years go by and Caden is concealing himself deeper into this magnum opus. The line between the world of his play and what is reality soon becomes a little blurry. The rehearsal for the play will go on for decades making it unclear if the production will ever launch. The movie opens up with a scene of Caden waking up to an interview on the radio about a woman who begins to talk about the coming of the fall season. She states that,... ... middle of paper ... ...s of psychology throughout the movie, there are also references to death throughout the movie that are hard to miss. Caden is always referring to the inevitability of death and the idea that everyone is already dead. Caden is very much obsessed with the decline in his physical appearance as he gets older; always poking at bumps, examining anything seemed out of the ordinary, and concerned with disease. Caden believes he is dying throughout most of the film but he in fact is the last person to die out of everyone he ever cared about. The movie starts with violence when there is blood all over the walls when Caden is violently injured by his exploding sink pipes but ends with a serene command. From Caden, we can learn to not take the time we have to express ourselves and how we feel for granted. We can learn that time is a constant movement that you cannot turn back.
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