Symptoms And Treatment Of Sleep Disorders

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Sleep Disorders are knows as conditions that have a huge impact on how much and how well one’s sleep. They are common is the general adult population, as the population ages, the prevalence of sleep disorders increases. Sleep disorders is a problem that most of the people has when they are growing older. Many decades ago, sleep disorder is known by the people and doctors. The classification of sleep disorders is necessary to discriminate between disorders and to facilitate an understanding of symptom, etiology, and pathophysiology that allows appropriate treatment (Michael, 2012). International Classification of Sleep Disorders (ICSD) is an authoritative clinical text for diagnoses of sleep disorders. The ICSD book is being revising because of many reason that could have caused the sleep disorder on the patient. The earlier version of the book is mostly focus about the major symptoms (insomnia, excessive sleepiness, and abnormal events that occur during sleep), they were not based on pathophysiology much because of most of the cases of sleep disorders was still unknown. The purpose of the present paper is to review the differences of symptoms and pathophysiology. As well as critically evaluate the scientific evidence on ICSD that would trigger the awareness of general public views on the important of sleep.
The Literature
A journal search PubMed literature search was performed using the heading “Classification of Sleep disorders”. The resulting articles were filter into the related words search. The topics were being examined through reading the abstract. Most of the references cited by those article were checked to be in the corrected form. The citation of the Michael J. Thorpy was check to see if there is new artic...

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...eep disorder is impressive and it has proven lots of benefits that would help the doctor to be more accurately determine the information of patient’s sleep disorder.
Summary and Conclusion
This literature in this area is very vast and challenging today’s medical technology. Studying and learning new symptom for sleep disorder is just as hard as the brain examination where doctor has to find out how the brain work while we are asleep. Vary disorders was classified, yet there are many more that is still remain unknown to the world.
This literature is one that provide the knowledge of something we thought so simple, yet very complicates in ways that require more of a future knowledge. The author did cover most of important symptoms of disorders. The ICSD is currently undergoing review and being updated to provide more accurate diagnosis if someone have sleep disorders.
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