Sympathy for Two Characters in Brave New World

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Sympathy for Two Characters in Brave New World Bernard Marx and John "the savage" are both outcasts in their societies. Haunted by their own inadequacies and inability to fit in. They are the two characters in "Brave New World" whom, for numerous reasons and in many ways, the reader can feel the most sympathy for. Bernard's physical appearance was one of his main insecurities and so he can be sympathised with because of it. As an Alpha male, society expected him to be taller, better looking and more masculine than he was. Bernard therefore had felt throughout his life he had to prove himself to be a true Alpha and to try and ignore the rumours about him. Fanny said, P36 "They say somebody made a mistake, when he was still in the bottle - thought he was a Gamma and put alcohol into his blood-surrogate. That's why he's so stunted." So Bernard was made to feel different and the humiliation he felt was almost painful, which is known by these lines, P54 "Contact with members of the lower castes always reminded him painfully of this physical inadequacy." These next lines show more embarrassment that he feels, P54 "Each time he found himself looking on the level, instead of downward into a Delta's face, he felt humiliated." Bernard can be greatly pitied for his sense of insecurity and his blatant differences from everyone else. All Bernard truly wants to be is normal and he can be sympathised with immensely for his efforts. He uses the savage to elevate himself in society in a pitifully desperate attempt to become popular and to gain confidence. The next few lines show how Bernard felt better in himself after he had used the savage. P128 "Success went fizzily to Bernard's head, and in the ... ... middle of paper ... ..., blinking in owlish incomprehension at the light; then suddenly remembered - everything." He had slept with Lenina and because of his morals he felt there was no way he could purify himself and repent his sins and so he felt he had to take his own life. John can be immensely sympathised with by the reader because he was a very disturbed and tortured man, through no fault of his own. In conclusion, I pity both of these unfortunate men equally and feel a great deal of sympathy for them because both their lives ended miserably. They both isolated themselves due to the ways that made them so unique and different, which I have outlined. That isolation and the sincere passions they felt within them in turn led them to their untimely ends. John in his heart-felt suicide and Bernard in his exile, both of them away from everyone that meant anything to them.
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