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(5k Symbols of Sikhs)
There is five symbol of Sikhism , where it shows the true identity of a sikh, and how faith is shown spiritually , the great power of faith in them, Most Sikh Follow the rite of the khalsa , 5 ks are the 5 items a Sikh individual must have , by the the guru Gobind Singh

(The first K’s is Kara)
The Kara is a bangle that is made out of iron , or steel , it is to be worn on the right wrist, the steel represent the strength and also the symbol of unity and eternity , the round shape like a circle shows there no end or beginning , the unity of Sikhism through the world , the reflection of God that is eternal and infinite.
(The second is Kangha)
Kangha is a wooden comb, which is to keep it Clean and tidy for the long hair they keep, keeping clean is carefully emphasized by Guru Gobind Singh , when he created the Khalsa , is to be wash and comb well in the morning and put it as a topknot, is represent discipline in their life
(The third is Kachera)
The kachera is a short undergarment worn by a sikh , their Guru Gobind Singh is a part of a Sikhs Uniform, easier to move during battle, as a war happen in that time, the Kachera is a symbolises modesty

(The fourth is Kirpan)
Kirpan is a sword , kept and worn by a Sikhs, it is to be reminded of the courae and their five sikh sacrifices for the sake of their religion, the kirpan symbolises the faith they have for God and to protect their faith
(The fifth is Kesh)
Kesh, means having a uncut hair, , don’t need to cut their hair and beard if it is a male, it’s a symbolic meaning for a devotion towars God, the Sikh Believe is allowed to grow their beard freely , it is said that Guru Gobind Singh told them not cut their hair.

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...h women and man are seen with wearing Kada and a steel bangle, the steel is very heavy and painful to bring a lot because wearing it have a lil burden, Women are highly encourage by their families after they reach adolescence are suppose to wear tradisional cosmtume , and even after marriage. But the trend is changing into a modernise way , as they wanna follow the Western style clothing just as Jeans , shirts and jackets
Both Punjabi Men and woman, when wearing a tradisional shoes is called juttis , which is kind of shoes is famous and importantn in rurals areas in india, and that is because the quality there is comfortable, and look very peaceful in a such a way, they also during the winter Season , they put a woollen shawl or a small blanket covering their chest and neck, the shawl are made for female members of a family. Cause it is colourful and attractive

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that 5k symbols of sikhs represent the true identity of a sikh and how faith is shown spiritually.
  • Explains that kangha is a wooden comb, which is to keep it clean and tidy for the long hair they keep, keeping clean is carefully emphasized by guru gobind singh.
  • Explains that the kirpan is a sword worn by sikhs to remind them of the courae and their five sikh sacrifices for the sake of their religion.
  • Explains that sikhs believe that life is in the exemplary existence of god, where one is united. they maintain a balance between spiritual and temporary ideas.
  • Explains that punjabi have a rich musical instrument in their history. bhai mardana's famous rabab is used to play it.
  • Explains that the second instrument in punjabi music is called tabla. it is made by two flat pieces of metal, which to be pointed out as rings on the both sides, mae to create chiming sounds.
  • Explains that punjabi and indians wear the same tradisional attire: the salwar kameez and dupattas, and the phulkari shawl.
  • Explains that punjabi men wear kurta pyjamas with baggy pants and slacks with collared shirt. sikhs are dedicated to their religion by wearing a turban.
  • Explains that women and men in this current time have always been seen with gold, while wearing them is a way to bring themselves up through waring necklaces, bangles, rings, nose ring, ears, toe rings and other ornaments to pin up their hair.
  • Explains that punjabi men and women wear tradisional shoes called juttis, which are famous and importantn in rural areas in india. they also put a woollen shawl or blanket covering their chest and
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