Symbols Of Heat Ventilation Air Heating And Refrigeration

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Acknowledgement List of Figures List of tables List of Symbols: Q – Volumetric Flowrate dV – The change in volume of the fluid v – The velocity of the substance A – The cross sectional area vector m ̇ – The mass flowrate of the material ρ – The density of the material ∆P – Differential Pressure (P_1-P_2) f – Darcy Friction Factor l – Length of the hose μ – Dynamic fluid viscosity r – Pipe radius LVDT – Linear Variable Differential Transformer principle HVAC/R – Heat Ventilation Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Chapter 1: Getting Started 1.1 Introduction In order to supply world heating and power needs, innovative and eco-friendly heating systems has been always the primary Research and Development interest. A typical heating system usually consists of storage unit which holds the raw materials for burning such as wood, corn, water for heat extraction, boiler, ventilation, transporter to bring the material from the storage place to the boiler. Heating systems can be achieved through a lot of means and one interesting method is to use pellet…show more content…
Usually a pellet transporter has two feeding mechanisms, one is using vacuum feeding technique and other one is using an auger feeding technique [4]. Vacuum feeding technique is usually used in a industrial or large scale application where the storage unit and the boiler are placed far apart. For a small-scale application like a home heating system, auger-feeding system is better because the cost of establishing a long transport is not necessary. In a Vacuum feeding technique there is usually vacuum unit close to the boiler and a mole (robot) connected to the hose near the opening of the tube inside the storage unit to move the hose around. In this method, pressure change is used to bring pellets from the storage unit to the

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