Symbols Of Globalization In 'Where Is The Globalized Me?'

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In the article, “Where is the globalized me?” the author, Long YingTai, talks about how the world may have been globalized, but that globalization is one sided. From the moment he wakes up, he deals with many things from all parts of the world. He has an American breakfast of milk, bread and jam. He wears clothes from international brands. He reads newspapers from Hong Kong, Frankfurt, and listens to British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) or watches Cable News Network (CNN). He uses international brands of body care products. Basically, everything he owns is someway, international. (Long, 2007)
Household names like IKEA, which are furnishing homes in places like Shanghai, Mexico City, and Los Angles. Different forms of transportation are made from different international manufactures are used for day to day life. Cities from all over the world share a similar appearance; street-lights, side-walks, and signs,
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Some symbols of globalization like Starbucks, McDonalds, and global summit meetings have faced violence and boycotts. The people who do this are worried about two things, the monopoly of sources and monopoly of values. An example of the monopoly of source would be peasants in South Korea committing succeed to bring awareness to the difficult situation they were facing when international agricultural companies began to control their market. An example of the monopoly of values would be when German newspaper company face bankruptcy and a British media company offered to buy it. The head of the German company said no because whoever controls the countries media, controls the publics opinions. The “monopoly of values, because in globalization, wrapped in packages of commercial goods, foreign values are introduced into your countries and threatens the integrity and independence of a native culture. (Long,
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