Symbols In The Lottery

Symbolism Found in “The Lottery”
“The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson is a story filled with symbolism from beginning to end. The name itself gives away one of the most important symbols that the story envelops. What makes the story so much more interesting and entertaining is that the reader must explore the symbolism found in the story and give their own explanations because the author does not give a straightforward answer. The story lacks simple answers to questions and requires more thought out responses and the reader is expected to come up with what he/she believes to be the answer. Some of the problems and symbolism that readers encounter is the black box, the white slips of paper, the lottery itself, and then the stoning at the end of
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The lottery that takes place every year represents the behaviors or ideas in our own society that are passed down from one generation to the next. No matter how bizarre or cruel they may be, like in “The Lottery”, they are followed, no questions asked. The lottery has been going on longer than anyone can remember, except for a man named Mr. Warner, and when the idea of change is brought up it is turned down because this is all the people know. The tradition has become so engrained in their lives that it seems absurd to them when they hear that other towns are doing away with it. The lottery has become a part of their lives just like any other occasion they have, such as the square dances, the teen club, or their Halloween program (Jackson 336). Obviously, the lottery is a very extreme example, but it does show what could happen if a tradition gets out of hand and is not addressed by new…show more content…
Stoning has been around for a very long time and it is one of the oldest forms of execution used. Stoning also connects to many people due to how prevalent it is in the Bible. Many Christian martyrs were stoned in biblical stories even though they had done nothing wrong. The importance of this is that it serves as a symbol of the innocent being executed, not only in the Bible but in this story as well. When stoning is used as the execution style not one person can be blamed for the death of the person and, therefore, no one feels guilty for what happened. In the beginning of the story, Jackson talks about how the children were gathering stones and at first it may have seemed so innocent, that the children were just playing. Looking back after finishing the story, though, one can see that the children know what their duty is and they are fully aware of what is going to

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