Symbolism in Arthur Miller's A View from the Bridge

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In Arthur Miller’s tragic drama, ‘A View from the Bridge’, we see that the bridge itself is a symbol of the linking of two cultures, Italian (namely Sicilian) and American (namely New York), whereby the manifestation of these two cultures dwell in Red Hook, Brooklyn. Despite this, differences between the two are distinctly evident from page 17 to 18, and it is the purpose of this essay to discuss how Miller conveys these differences in the given pages.

Miller uses language effectively in this play, his use of dialogue, of which makes up the bulk of the drama is his main tool in conveying the large cultural differentiation between Red Hook and Sicily. We know only of Sicily by the way in which Marco and Rodolpho describe it, similarly we do not get to see all of Red Hook (the composite set is all the audience sees) yet we know how it is by the way players talk about it and how they interact with each other within the community. Marco is the first of the two immigrants that enter the Carbone household to shed light on the differences between Sicily and Red Hook, when asked if he had...