Symbolism in A Rose for Emily by William Faulkner

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Symbolism in "A Rose for Emily" in a lot of different ways. For example Emily represents a monument and mental illness. She represents mental illness by killing her husband Homer Barron and sleeping with his dead body. The house represented death and a prison because Miss Emily wouldn't go out just the mate would go out for the groceries and just come back. It also represented death because of what she did to her husband. The rose represented love and Emily’s secret. It represented Emily’s secret because Homer Barron her husband was death on the house. It represented love because Homer Barron show love for miss Emily. Homer Barron represented death because her wife killed him with some potion that she bought (Arsenic). Strand of gray hair also symbolized love lost meaning she lost both of her loves of her life. It also represented wisdom. Wisdom is a sight of getting old meaning she lived her life already. There’s another object that symbolizes cover up (Lime). They use Lime to cover up the smell of the house because of the dead body that was in there. Arsenic symbolized death this was the potion that Miss Emily use to kill her husband. In " A Rose for Emily", symbols are used ubiquitously throughout the novel. The character Miss Emily , herself, symbolized monument. In the article Symbols " A Rose for Emily" she said " the house, Emily seems out of place in a changing secrecy. The house also symbolized alienation. Emily alienated herself inside her house to avoid people and change." Emily is a monument because she was what every guy wanted, she was locked up in her house so she wouldn't become changed and so that everyone would look up to her. Miss Emily also symbolized stubbornness in the article Symbols " A Rose for Emily" sh... ... middle of paper ... ...ft in her decaying house." The townspeople got respect for miss Emily< they viewed her as a " Gierson." The strand of gray hair tells how time goes by. " the town tells time first by Emily’s gray hair, when she disappears into her house after her hair turned iron gray." the town knows how much time has passed because of Emily’s gray hair. In conclusion in " A Rose for Emily" by William Faulkner characters and objects are more than persons. The character an objects symbolized a lot of things. They meant something way deeper than what they meant. Works Cited StudyModeEditors. ”Symbols in A Rose for Emily. ”StudyMode, Inc., 1 Nov 2012 Lamboard,Eather.”A Rose for Emily”-What’s important about the grey hair. ”About.N.p. N.d. Web. 17 March 2014. Sparknoteseditors. ”A Rose for Emily’ Themes, Motifs, and Symbol.” Sprarknotes.sparknotes, Inc., Web. 17 Mar 2014
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