Symbolism Of Tattoos In Society

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Society’s outlook on “what’s in” changes every day, from what’s hot to what’s not. Fads repeat themselves over time and grow to be something that everyone now loves. Tattoos are the main trending thing of this century. They were once only a symbolism for criminals, sailors, prostitutes, and bikers, but now tattooing is mainstream in today’s times. Tattoos are seen as works of arts and your body is the canvas for aspiring tattoo artist. Nowadays there is such a wide variety of tattoos with different meanings, such as, a hand print of a loved one to someone’s favorite quote or bible verse. Some tattoos don’t always have to have meaning behind it. Anyone can decorate their body simply because they want meaningless, but artsy and funny tattoos. Inking up is becoming a significant part of someone’s life whether there is a meaning behind the tattoo or not, it is a growing thing to do and it doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon.
In the 19th century sailors would get them as a souvenir of a distant voyage they had gone on, as well as, a proof of identity and manhood. They took tattoos ...
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