Symbolism Of A Coat Of Arms In Professional Nursing

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A coat of arms is an assortment of symbols arranged into a meaningful whole on a shield that indicates the qualities of a particular organization. For the individual scholarly paper, we created a coat of arms displaying three key qualities of a professional nurse. The first key quality chosen was integrity, which is the characteristic of being honest. The second key quality chosen was knowledge, which specifically applies to the understanding of nursing information and skills. The third key quality chosen was altruism, which is selflessness.

The coat of arms our group created is in the shape of a crest. The crest is divided into three sections by quality. At the top left of the crest is the symbol of altruism, which is a podium stand. At
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The symbol of knowledge is placed at the top right of the crest. In our symbol is a picture of a brain with the words nursing skills written on the brain. The brain is coloured pink and the background of the symbol is yellow. Knowledge is a very important quality every professional nurse should have. It is important for nurses to possess the information and skills they need to perform their roles, just like any other profession. The symbol of knowledge is a brain with “nursing skills” in it because all registered nurses should be educationally prepared to base their practice on complex nursing knowledge distinct to the discipline (Butts, Fawcett, & Rich, 2012). One reason why nursing is a unique profession is because nurses work with other professions such as doctors, dietitians, and physiotherapists to help patients. However, it is important for each discipline to fully understand the conceptual models, theories, practice focus, and research methods (Butts et al., 2012). Examples of knowledge professional nurses should possess is the nursing metaparadigm – human beings, environment, health, and nursing. Another reason why knowledge is important is because it provides nurses a rationale for what they do and why they do it (Butts et al., 2012). In the article, Butts et al. (2012) believe that nurses who lack nursing knowledge are indicating that nursing is no more than a…show more content…
The symbol of this quality is at the top left on the shield. The symbol is a three-tier podium stand. In third place are the nurses, in second place is the hospital, and in first place is the patient. We used the colour brown for the podium and blue for the background. Under the symbol the word altruism is written. Altruism is defined as concern for the welfare of others rather than one’s own (Johnson, Haigh, & Yates-Bolton, 2007). Examples of altruism in professional nursing may be willing to change shifts, always being kind to patients, going out of your way to help a patient, etc. In our symbol, the patients were in first place and the hospital in second place, both ahead of the nurses. Our symbol also places nurses in third place because it is important that nurses are altruistic for him or herself to prevent stress or burnout at work. However, because of the stresses and strains of nursing, the profession has become less altruistic (Johnson et al., 2007). Altruism is important in nursing is because it allows a more positive and healing environment within a nurse-patient

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