Symbolism & Irony in the “The Story of an Hour”

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Symbolisms are used in “The Story of an Hour” by using the open window by showing it as Freedom to the outside world. There are many examples to use symbolism in the story, but the most common one to be used by many others is the Open Window that represents many things that shows outside, by singing birds, treetops, blue sky, but we will get to those soon. Irony is used as a tool, because even though Mrs. Mallard dies in the end, she thought her husband was dead and she was not the only one, even the readers of the story were shocked by it. In “The Story of an Hour”, it shows Symbolism and Irony samples in the story that you can find them everywhere. “She carried herself unwittingly like a Goddess of Victory”. What the author states in their article is that she was still with the man that she was with for many years and they called her a Goddess, but there are some who say different. They she got what she deserve because she was still with him even though she did not love him at sometimes. I am going to have to agree with those people and yes I know women couldn’t get a divorce but she could had at least told her husband. In the story there are many factors that you have to see in all the plots and in the characters, the sister to me is naïve because she does not know how the Louise feels about her husband. The doctors, I forgive because they did not know what was going on in her household or in her head, so yes, they did say she died from a broken heart. “A comfortable, roomy armchair. Into this she sank, pressed down by a physical exhaustion that haunted.” To the author’s choice of words, I can indicate she likes to go to that seat and sit there away from her husband. Many others and I think or know that she likes the seat, whi... ... middle of paper ... yet other people might disagree in my theory, but no one will really know what was going on in Mrs. Mallard head in those last few seconds, before she hit the floor, but the true question, is what was going on in Mr. Mallards head. In The Story of an Hour Mrs. Is trapped in her marriage, but through her perspective, Mrs. Mallard is then informed that her husband died and then returns to her room as she enjoys her freedom. As her husband returns she comes down stairs, she sees him and then falls to her death, everyone thought she died of joy of seeing Mr. Mallard alive, even the doctor’s thought she died from the joy that kills. Works Cited Ironies of life in Kate Chapin’s “The Story of an Hour”. Irony and Symbols in “The Story of an Hour”. Symbols Open Window Irony in “The Story of an Hour”. Irony and Symbols in “The Story of an Hour” by Kate Chopin. E-Notes
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